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Why Books on Hook? is not for reading any book, but the right and must-read books.

Whatever the reasons are, while the number of books are increasing, vice versa the number of the decent people decreasing.

Probably we raised so much issue of not reading books; quantity thwarded quality.

Now it is time to worry about not only ones that don't t read books, but also about the ones that read recklessly.

Because, the case of hungry people due to the foot shortage are as critical as the case of obeses that eat irregularly.

When it comes to health care, diet and healthy foods are always on our agenda. But you do not have a specalist, priscribing a book diet to obese souls that are fed by junk books!

Most of the books that we are proud of the quantity are like cheap imitation jewelry of macaroni, plastic beeds…

Esthetics are there, but no value at all…

Have you ever thought about why stories, with pieces of love stories based on Mesnevi, sells alot; but not Mesnevi?

Probably, we all know the answer, but we are so accustomed to junks, we can not give up.

We are trying to feed on outmoded, left out words in fancy sentences. Words that are waiting between the lines, like dull mannequins with precious clothes…

Maybe because of this, we do not make empathy in 5 sentences out of 10, and enjoy a deep sleep while our neighbour is hungry.

Since we were vexed with our alphabet  and ended up in depression, we are trying to get rid of it by life coachs, making sentences with our words in hard currency paid sessions.

Instead of wasting our time by reading personal development books,  how about spending it by considering the prophets saying "Do not ask for something, that do  not want for yourself, for your friends." Shouldn't it be better?

While there are many corpses under the ground, whom passed away trying to have a clear vision of life; no need to take risks.

The number of the books are increasing, vice versa the number of the decent people are decreasing rapidly.

Actually it is not a suprise at all.


Millions of plastic beeds do not worth a white pearl!