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We have been talking so much and so loudly, so we can not hear others

We went out to hunt words to fill up the ballons of talks, that circle us. We visited millions of lines, but  we could not have even a single sentence to hook up.

The ones, warning that we were visiting the wrong adddresses, were close to us. Unfortunately, we could not hear them because of our own noise.

We spent our years by drinking juices in fancy, painted, carton packages, but failed to see the abundant must-eat fruits breaking the branchs in our orchard.

It ended our thirstiness and provided carbohydrate needs of our bodies.

We deemed that we met our needs.

If we had eaten a spoon of honey instead of that, we would have gotten thirsty

And we would have gone out to look for a spring.

A spring…

Since our thirstiness was met, we did not mind to reach a spring. We relied on those poorly nutrious, junk, packaged foods.

If we had kept silent and listened  for a while, we could have heard the  pounding noise of the running  water.

But we we never kept quite,  we could not make it either.

A bee must visit thousands of flowers to fill up its stomach. The honey, produced from the nectars of  flowers in Anatolia, is a very good remedy for us.

While writing some of the books, thousands of source books must be viewed. The books, enriched by the inks of the scholars of Anatolia, is a very good remedy for the souls.

As much honey a bee, trying to fill up its stomach without visiting flowers, can produce; as much notion a writer, trying to fill up the pages without reviewing any reference books, can develop.

The ones trying to produce honey without visiting flowers not only make you loose time, but also loose your way.

Books on The Hook is there for you not to loose your way! To make you meet with the books, written by viewing  thousands of books that are remedy for souls!

It is there for you to get relax and get settled in front of the right door, instead of visiting a thousand of them…


Let the trials and fatigue end up and step forward for endless bliss…